Iridology is the study of inherited health via an examination of the iris - coloured part of the eye, its colour, structure and markings. Examination of the iris can reveal genetic strengths and potential deficiencies. 

The iris reflects the functional state of organ systems inside the body. Some have linked the iris to DNA.

Iridology indicates our genetic disposition and gives us the opportunity to flourish and work with what we have inherited.  

"Whether we develop the best or worst case scenario according to our individual disposition depends on the way we eat, drink, think, live and love" - Toni Miller.

Iridology can explain the iris markings, signs and pigmentation. Iris fibre structure and variations of color indicates our constitutional strengths and inherited functional efficiency of the organs and body tissues. When we know constitutional strengths of our physical body, it assists us to become the best we can be. Iridology does not name the disease, and it is not a treatment therapy but rather used as a tool to assess health and specific predispositions in order to prevent illness and maintain optimum wellness.

The iris structure and vast majority of the colour variations are genetic and can reflect the health aspects of three generations behind you. Therefore it is for you to discover how the information given by iridology assessment applies to your personal well being.​

Scientist Using Microscope

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