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A Natural Approach to Health

Our bodies have a great capacity to heal themselves when given the environment and nutrients they need.



Iridology is the study of inherited health via an examination of the iris - coloured part of the eye, its color, structure and markings. Examination of the iris can reveal genetic strengths and potential deficiencies. 

The iris reflects the functional state of organ systems inside the body. Some have linked the iris to DNA. 

Iridology indicates our genetic disposition and gives us the opportunity to flourish and work with what we have inherited. "Whether we develop the best or worst case scenario according to our individual disposition depends on the way we eat, drink, think, live and love" - Toni Miller

Iridology can explain the iris markings, signs and pigmentation, can identify the resistance level of the connective tissues and name the location that may suggest potential under activity, increased reactivity or an area of interest according to an iridology chart.

Iridology does not name the disease.

 The Iris color and structure are inherited and it can reflect the health of three generations behind you.

Therefore it is for you to discover how the information given by iris assessment applies to your personal well being.


Holistic Services

Iris Assessment

Examination of the iris reveal how iris signs and markings are related to our physical body.

Iris assessment begins with life examination by using a magnifier and side light  pen, photography is used as well.

During an assessment we will examine iris colour, structure and pigmentation, evaluate the iris fiber density and shading.

 The complimentary report will be prepared within a few weeks, start up OFFER!

Blue Eye on Grey Background

Holistic Facial Therapy

This wonderful relaxing treatment reduces tension and encourages deep relaxation throughout the entire body.  The facial involves cleansing, face, head and shoulder massage, optional application of mask and moisturiser.

Acupuncture Treatment

 Back Massage Therapy

In this modern age of stress and strain - massage is a must. The speed of everything has increased and unnatural shocks shaking the nervous system every moment.

Illness is a state of tension, which blocks energy movement.

Massage of the back alone can calm the nervous system and reliese the tension.

Swedish Massage

Foot Massage Therapy

Massage therapy helps activate natural healing processes in the body as well as restore physical and emotional well - being.

Every body part is reflexively connected to the sole of the foot. Foot massage therapy brings wellness to your entire body.

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