Lucan, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

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My areas of special interest are anxiety and  how our emotions and gut microbiome influence our behavior, feelings and physiological changes.

I completed  general nursing studies with  specialization in community health. An interest in iridology and healthy eating developed when I became unwell myself and could not find all the answers to my questions in western medicine. Whilst I acknowledge the importance of orthodox medicine, I have developed a more natural approach to health.

I then graduated from portobello institute in dublin and obtained diplomas in holistic massage therapy and beauty specialist, having added a holistic approach to these qualifications. I completed physical iridology course with Toni Miller ND DHM MII CCII - Australia's foremost teacher and researcher, and author of one of the best iridology textbooks available.

Through iridology, nutrition and relaxation therapies, I found the answers I needed to maintain my own health.

Iridology is a wonderful tool to show people their genetic strengths and  potential deficiencies.

I promote relaxation - through beauty and massage therapies.

I continue to study iridology at the advanced level. I can examine the iris color, structure and pigmentation. I can assess the iris fiber density and shading - which indicate our constitutional strengths and functional efficiency of the tissues, and name the location that may suggest potential under-activity, increased reactivity or an area of interest according to an iridology chart.

I am a firm believer in a natural approach to health.

Jolanta Jaskelyte


My Beliefs

Everyone is in a constant process of evolution. Every person is at some stage on the great pathway of life. Learn to accept people as they are. The best value is - simplicity! The highest form of treatment - is an effort to awaken spiritual or inner consciousness of life.

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